[Vwdiesel] Golf droppings!

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> 73 de Mike in Lobster Land, VE9AA
> Hagar has been right behind you from your first posting.--- are you talking about your
> dollar Golf ?
> If so you are a good case in point for me saying  ---put a LOT of money in to a Rabbit
> a Golf --BUT stay with the same model and year when you get the next one --- The
> was raised here how much was too much. --- I suggested that 5000 dollars was just
> fine.---Right now I have to revise that figure to 10 000 dollars. -----and the higher
> price for fuel goes ? --the more you will appreciate the WISDOM of what I was
> saying.-----BUT  it does require some DIY ----operations.   My total cost per mile is a
> real masterpiece of economic transportation.
> I feel sorry for the girl who owned Bunny Bondo --she got hosed by the dealer.
> That was my gain ---that gives me pain. ----------- She was a single hard working
> mother ---the type that I try to help as much as I can---
> Mike  59 miles on a gallon Imp ?  --IMHO that is pretty good for a starter. ---The Lupo
> Hagars hands would do 45 Km/l ---no problemo. There are many ways of importing Cars in
> Kanada ---remember --I have been back and forth a few times.  ---- one way is Settlers
> effects. ----there are more.
> The production of Lupo was stopped - ATMU  --it was too expensive   about 210 000  Dkr.
> The longer your commute is - the more sense a Rabbit makes.-----If you are rolling in
> green stuff---get a Prius and fill the trunk with batteries  and make it a plug in --and
> get better than 100 miles to a gallon. ---I mentioned that long long time ago --after
> really reading up on Hybrids. (frauds)   I saw a guy on CNN that had done just that --He
> used Motorcycle batteries. .Go to the WolfsLair and I am sure in the back rooms of
> Volkswagen they are working on a Small diesel Electric  Hybrid  that will blow everybody
> of the roads.
>  Yes I am dreaming about making Bunny Bondo a Hybrid. ---simple to do---and cheap.
> Hagar.
> PS :   If a car is approved in Denmark ?  it is a shoe in for Kanada.  --The Lupo has
> kinds of safety devices like airbags and what not.---But in a collision with a Hummer
> dummer --it looses every time.

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