[Vwdiesel] Radiator Choices

Wade Yorke wade at carsand.com
Tue Aug 23 18:32:51 EDT 2005

Hi Chris:
Sounds like you are having the same problem as I am.  I have a 1996 Eco 
1.9TD and if I run at over 3300-3400 rpm on the highway it slowly 
overheats until the red light is flashing.  I have installed VDO oil 
temp and water temp gauges for accuracy, but since the high speed fan 
was being triggered by the higher water temps I kind of knew that I had 
a real problem.  The VDO gauges both show elevated temperatures on the 
highway (approximately 220 degrees at 3200-3300 rpm).  My radiator is 
only four years old so I believe that I do not have a flow problem.  I 
have heard that the stock Vanagon radiator is not adequate for the 
diesel (although I always thought they ran cooler than gas engines).  
The problem is that a larger radiator may not help much as they cavity 
behind the stock radiator is small (just large enough for the stock 
radiator I would guess).
Under normal around town and moderate highway speeds the water and oil 
are at 200 degrees F and the needle is just above the LED in the stock 

Wade Yorke
Nova Scotia
'84 Westy 1.9TD
Wade Yorke
Nova Scotia
'84 Westy 1.9TD

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