[Vwdiesel] fuel pump(?) leak !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Aug 23 18:57:39 EDT 2005

OK, before I consult the manual (if I can even find it...haven't seen it for
months) I'll ask the collective knowledge here, as "you'd guys are da best"

Had my E-brake cables changed out the other day......I think the mechanic
knocked up against what I think is some kind of drain cap(?) on my fuel
pump.<box>(?), passengers side, just ahead of rear wheel on the floor pan,
near beam axle.

I noticed a big puddle of diesel under the Golf tonight so I frigged around
a little bit, only making matters worse.  Diesel is leaking out the tube and
the amount seems to be dependant on how tight the adjacent cap dooey is
pushed on. (It's a loose fit)  The cap more-or-less just seems to push on
fit.  Is this some kind of drain affair?  Is it supposed to screw on? (mine
doesn't.......or at least doesn't NOW).

Any easy fix?  Gonna have to be a quick fix 'cuz as soon as I remove the cap
the stuff just pours out like Niagra falls...

What I did in the interim was get a small piece of hose, fold it over and
ty-wrap it to itself (like a plug-cap) and then jam it onto (over)the little
tube end.  Hopefully this will slow the ebb of fuel flowing out from beneath
my car.

Help !

Now off to find my Bentley to see if this is even the fuel pump........or
just a filter.......or just a leaker box.

Mike in Lobster Land
Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
E6L 1T1

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