[Vwdiesel] fuel pump(?) leak !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Aug 23 21:12:22 EDT 2005

Johann,  (and group)

I couldn't view your pix........I am on a deathly slow dial-up and it would
literally take me more than an hour to look at them all.  I did find a 1
paragraph blurb in the Bentley and a crappy photo of a water separator and I
think that , that is it, yes.
Well the "cap" basically just falls off. I understand this is ALSO the valve
"handle" too I guess.(?)
Seems to me I am gonna have problems with it.   Wonder if I could use some
teflon tape on the rim of the opening the round cap/handle goes onto, to get
a better seal?  What about the little exit/drain tube.....can I safely cap
this off? With what? Rubber hose like now >?Any suggestions?

WIth the price of diesel @ over a buck a liter I can't afford to have it
running all over the ground. LOL


Mike in Lobster land.

Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
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> On Tuesday August 23 at 07:55pm
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> > Now off to find my Bentley to see if this is even the fuel
> > pump........or just a filter.......or just a leaker box.
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> If it looks something like that (hopefully without the big hole in it)
> it is a water separator. Yes, the white cap should screw on and not let
> anything flow past. Try pushing and tightening at the same time.
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