[Vwdiesel] Water separator(?) leak !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Aug 23 21:38:46 EDT 2005

So, am I to understand Loren, even if I cap off the little hose outlet and
get the cap/knob dooey on tight(er), that I am still screwed?  What if I
never want to use it....or use it once/year?
Can I just cap off that hose with a small rubber hose or plug and somehow
get the knob to stay on better. Teflon tape? Super glue? Epoxy? JB weld?

So this stem you speak of.......it's presumably supposed to be attached to
the back of the cap/knob affair huh?  I had all of 2 seconds to look at
it.....and all I saw was money pouring all over the ground under my car, so
I quickly jammed it back on there. LOL!

I have to drive the tank dry, yank this "stem/cap affair" out and insert the
"new" one?
Any caveats? Ideas, hints, kinks, cat calls from the peanut gallery........?

Anyone have a decent used cap/knob dooey for sale?


Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
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>   Busted water seperator drain cap.  BIG knob, iddy biddy stem.  It snaps
> really easily, I think.  Mine either broke so easily that I never felt it
> a
> PO did and managed to push it on snugly so that it managed to stay put
> until I went to drain it.  (drained nearly a quart of water from it too!)
>   Dealer wants about $25 for one but after I ordered mine I found out
> my supplier has them for about half.   They are out there for less than
> dealer and luckily it's not a dealer only item!  :-)
>      Loren
>  (you might get by with dropping it down and using needle nosed
> vise grips to pinch the supply hose shut.  Otherwise it's drive or
> drain the fuel out.  You gotta get the busted stem out.)
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