[Vwdiesel] Water separator(?) leak !

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I found my drain hose and bag under the spare tire. It looks like it never
got used. So I tried it and didn't get any water out at all. I know the car
was sitting on the car lot for 9 months or so before I bought it. From
talking to the family that had it before me,(they left their phone number
and address in the glove box with all the repair receipts) They didn't seem
like the type that would even know what to do to check it. The drain did
come in handy when my fuel line rusted out up on top of the tank and I had
to drain the tank to repair it. I found the rusted hole when I topped off
the tank one day. The heat of the day made it flow out. Had a nice puddle on
the driveway. But like I said when I first checked it after buying the jetta
I didn't see any water come out, just diesel.

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I've only checked mine twice in 15 years and never found any water in it... 
The GP light is supposed to stay on if it fills up, starting with '85 models
think. My current Jetta even came with the original bag & hose for draining 
the separator!

On 24 Aug 2005 at 10:14, mikitka <mikitka at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Out of curiosity, how often does everyone check their water separator
under the
> car? Or should I ask how often should you check it? Nick
> ----- 
> Water Separator     DRAIN CAP   191 127 439     $34.20  $25.30  
>   There's the beast at retail and "jobber price".  My cost is over $20 so 
> jobber price is about the best I could do on one. 
>   You've got it about right Mike.  I think you could drop it down though, 
> pinch off the line and just catch a half gallon or so.  The things DO work
> for some reason it didn't seem all that simple to just bypass it.  Maybe
> different sized hoses, prefab fittings or something?  Could be wrong there
> though.  I just recall that a new knob was the best solution for me. 
>   Yup, the threads are about 8mm or 6mm on that big knob.  Havn't 
> broken mine since.  Honestly I think it was broken before I turned it.
> I never felt a snap or anything.  Just have to be a little careful and
> don't seem to break.
>     Loren
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