[Vwdiesel] Water separator(?) leak !

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Wed Aug 24 11:16:45 EDT 2005

> Out of curiosity, how often does everyone check their water separator under
> the car? Or should I ask how often should you check it?
> Nick
> ----- 
> Water Separator     DRAIN CAP   191 127 439     $34.20  $25.30  

I have checked mine regularily for the first 10 years of ownership.
99% of my fuel comes from my own tank, and it gets separated, and 
double filtered before it gets into the car.  In the life of the 
vehicle (we're working on the second light-second), I haven't drained
more than a tablespoon of water out.  I've never found any in the 
fuel filter, ever.  

I stopped checking a couple of years ago.  Why break it?


ps: Don't think that no water in the drains, means the fuel is 
bone dry.  Diesel oil will retain a certain degree of moisture.  
So it's possible that there may have even been more precipitated 
water in the system than I drained.  However, unsaturated water
will simply pass with the fuel into the combustion process, where
it has a negligible effect.  We're talking small amounts.

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