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Wed Aug 24 12:33:09 EDT 2005

Wire connector plug on top of compressor is sometimes corroded; mine was.
Probably you looked there already.
Bob in the Entire State

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I have an apparent AC compressor clutch coil failure.  In searching
through things, I found that Sanden has a reasonable website, with a 
service manual in pdf.  I suggest getting this general service manual.

I'm still hunting down the exact model (will need to take off the 
altenator, and use a mirror.

BTW, the tech support folks at Sanden's TX operation were friendly to lower
sorts, and brought up a few diagnostic checks (which I had already done).
I thanked them for being through and helpful.

Get that PDF, if you think you'll ever work on your VW compressor.  It'll
help you understand the pars and pieces.  It's about a 4 or 5 mb download.


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