[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 ---( supply shortages --Pump and Run ? )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Aug 24 16:00:33 EDT 2005

I Hagar monitor CNN and Fox and so on every day  -----it is time to rent " Road Warriors "
one more time-----and go and buy a lock for your fuel cap on your Rabbit and the House
tank.    Hide your House tank.

Killing a man to get fuel for FREE ? -----absurd  --?     MURDER ?   I say it was.

In Denmark fuel is 10 DKr for a litre of gasoline ----NO murder so far.    BUT the bicycle
lanes that I recommend are gaining favor.  In Canada  1 billion dollars for a greener
Kanada in 2005 -- expanding bike lanes.

If you want to learn how to do things ?  --- go to a place where it was done  ---and
observe (Spy) ----and then improve on that. You want to make BIG really BIG diesels ?   go
to my hometown Copenhagen ----want to make really good SMALL diesels ?  go to Germany.

But please do NOT go to Denmark for wind-mills.  they are a blot on the landscape. I have
a card-lock commercial card and I told Sigrid to go get a fillup of her Passat  gasser on
me ----she said it needs PREMIUM gas ? is that correct ?---mid-grade is no good ?. That
probably saved me about 50 bucks.  ----

Are we in real troubles here ?  --not as long as we have the TAR sands    and the Coal and
James Hansen land growing Kanola.------and Hydrogen supplies NO end.---Denmark never had
things like that in 1940   and we made it OK .

So lets get to work on increasing SMILEAGE. ---we can do it. ----or if you like ---if we
cant NOBODY can. IMHO (yes the Japanese can).

I find the challenge stimulating and down right exciting.----take THAT.


PS :  NO way of stopping Hagar --short of a medical Sinkhole.

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