[Vwdiesel] Glowplugs as Thermistors --- ( works like stink )

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Thanx, does this mean I get a key to the executive washroom? ;)

I find that for cylinder temperature monitoring on a running engine a DVM on
the 200 millivots DC scale is quite adequate.  Readings in the 10-25 mV
range are what I was seeing.  The higher the voltage from the glow plug, the
more heat in the cylinder.

You can line up four meters side by side and watch the engine perform.  If a
piece of crap goes through an injector as happened a few times on my power
plant while getting the filtering correct with waste oil fuel I could sure
see it and how long that cylinder took to recover!

I suppose for just looking for compression heat with no running to get an
idea of the compression in each cylinder while cranking rhe starter without
fuel an ohm meter bridge would be best as Hagar suggested


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> This is a NIFTY way of monitoring the engine ---- I mistakenly gave the
credit to Sandy
> Cameron ---sorry--that is the senility factor.
> So if You were the originator of this little trick --step up and get your
credits.  ---It
> works due to the special alloy of the ballast resistor ---it is very
sensitive to
> heat. --SO ?  --well it works best with the new type plugs.
> And man does it work or what ? ----if you have a cool or HOT cylinder it
will show.   I am
> impressed.
> It belongs in the Nifty trick files. ----READ my lips.
> Hagar.
> PS :   no an ordinary ohm meter is NOT  ok you have to use a "Whetstone"
circuit. ---a
> bridge
> Roger Brown please explain that in good english.---TIA.
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