[Vwdiesel] wipers and blower intermittent

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Aug 25 12:44:49 EDT 2005

Any bets on where the culprit is?


Chugiak, AK
1981 1.6NA Pickup
1994 1.6TD (MF) Franken-Jetta

I Hagar has NO problem with that one ---- except under my new Lingo Order ---JA ?
difficult .   What did sturming Norman call it ? Bovine xxxxx  ---well I guess I have to
learn that one.   --BUT get on with it and Read the Diagram in the Bentley.    Inspect
every connection and Use Lots of Vaseline on the ones you clean .   Get an "Ideal"
rubber contact cleaner and a BIG jar of Vaseline. Use sandpaper on ground connections and

I got a Diesel Bentley ----Bentley stock No .- VRD4 ---- 1981   ---page 149   is NO diesel

The culprit ? --the REAL culprit is in Germany ----  Even Lucas is better than that. Will
I bail out due to bad electrical on the Rabbits ?   ---NOT a chance.----Bunny Bondos
eyes will shine NO matter WHAT.
If it takes Lumex   Lumex it is.-----In 1944 did the Danes use Iron Wiring to keep the
lights on in the Toilet ?   bet your sweet BUTT.-----so Hagar is well equipped to face
hard times. Again the Germans showed the way ---hell they even made small arms ammunition
with Iron shell casings. ---are you still using lead in you shotgun shells ?   shame on

When all the dust has settled ---many many years from now ?    this era will not be
remembered by historians as the war of the ROSES------it will be remembered as the WAR for

Soon we will fight for Water. IMHO.      ----- or whatever.----yes we will find something.

About your Wipers and Blower ?  --1981 ?   JA ? ---expect troubles.---and make sure your
windshield does not leak.


PS :    old man winter is on the way to Chugiak Alaska   ---so get your Wipers and Heaters
going NOW---.then again -? use your Huskies.

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