[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 ---( supply shortages --Pump and Run ? )

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 25 22:30:38 EDT 2005

My father-in-law had a 98 Cadillac Eldorado with the North Star engine in
it. It called for premium. He put nothing but regular in it from day wan and
didn't have one problem with it and we managed to get 30mpg out of it on a
600 mile one way trip to Orlando. We did fill up with premium on the way
back just for kicks and we actually got 28mpg out of it, but I attributed
that to the head wind we had the whole way back.

> >she said it needs PREMIUM gas ? is that correct ?---mid-grade is no good 
> ?. That
> >probably saved me about 50 bucks.  ----

  For some it's a matter of trial and error.  Most of the newer cars will 
call for 
premium or mid grade due to compression.  Knock sensors can easily 
compensate for the lower grade gas.  Often though, a loss in mileage will 
accompany the lower grade to the point that it costs as much or more plus 
poor performance with the lower grades.  Don't know until you try though.  
Then there's toluene as an octane booster...

> >Are we in real troubles here ?  --not as long as we have the TAR sands 

  A friend recently saw something about (he called it oil sands) in Canadia
(as my daughter likes to say it).  Program said there's as much or MORE 
crude there than in the Saudi oil fields!  The fortunate fluke is that each 
grain of sand is surrounded by a ring of water, then the oil clings to that.

It can inexpensively be removed with hot water whereas if the oil was 
directly in contact with the sand it'd not only be economically unfeasable, 
it'd be VERY difficult to do at all.
  Said they just scrape the topsoil, strip out the sand, wash it, put it 
put the top soil back and revegetate!  :-)
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