[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 192 ---- ( the bubbling CRUDE ? )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Aug 26 12:20:20 EDT 2005

Hagars study of Crude  ---was anything but Crude.    Today 26 Aug 2005   ---it hit about
67 a Barrel.----It started with a VHS  movie about Imperial Oil and  Edith
arbel.  ----about 3 cassette's ----rent it if you can.

The first great flowing well in the history of the oil industry was the Empire well on
Funk Farm. Completed in September, 1861, it initially flowed at 3,000 barrels per day.
This well also illustrated the turbulent nature of the oil industry in these early days.
With an extra 3,000 barrels of oil flooding the market each day, the price of oil
plummeted to 10 cents a barrel.---

ATMI    ---the guy was drilling for  SALT ----talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Anyway
Hagar hit the books and talked to people who drilled in Libya.  ---- OIL is one muddy

My first question was  WHAT made the CRUDE ?   --second question ? ---WHEN was it made ?.

I have now been waiting about 30 years  ---and got no GOOD answer so far.------ Is it
being CREATED as fast as we burn it ?   ---I doubt it..  BUT is it still being made ? --I
think so.

James Hansen knows about the climate at the Tar Sands deposits ---and yes there is a pile
of it there..
BUT like he said if it takes a barrel to get one ? ---- then we have problems with the
price at the pump.
In Libya all they did was stick a pipe in the ground ---and get sweet light crude so
clean --it could be put right in the car. ----I got that inf. first hand.

The world was changed by Coal --Crude and GOLD. and drive (greed) --changed in short

My heart is still with the Widows and single grandmothers sitting there with an empty fuel
tank for house heating ----while the RICH plunder the supply to go on a vacation.--- yes I
am a left wing. in Kanada.
up here ?   a Liberal. --NOT to be confused with a Amerikan Liberal.

I am for NOT one Great grandmother ---NOT one Grandmother ---NOT one MOTHER left behind in
the cold dark night.----NEVER.----for you with only a farther ?   same thing. ---Yes even
a good step father or Mother ----deserves your support.   I tried to be the best
stepfather in the history of the world.   To 3 George's female creatures---- I think I
failed----but not for me  not giving it my best.   Mary-Ann   Doig    --the youngest did
respond.  She was so cute-----but her daughter  Hope Doig ---was my  joy----.
When the snow hits ?  ---remember those ladies.--and OLD geezers.


PS :    if 10 cents US a barrel does not make you think ?  ---NOTHING will.

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