[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 193 ---( The Passat octane issue )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Aug 27 19:03:29 EDT 2005

...Of course you could always put a Rabbit in a horse trailer
and pull it with a Passat.
Better still an Audi 2.5tdi 4wd...

Mark Shepherd ---- Audi    ---nothing ----this is a forum for VW diesels  before the  TDI
stuff.   ----for the lower  economics people mostly.  ----like OLD Rabbits ----Jah ?

I know that the Passat does not really belong here ---BUT   ? ----faced with two "Unusual"
sisters (crazy)-------what could I do.?????    what would you do --Mark Shepherd ?

I am  IMHO an excellent manager------and I was born that way.--------and my schooling in
Denmark was ALL heading that way.----critical thinking and making a decision ?     --for
me Hagar ---NO problemo.

Religion and Politics and Economics and SPACE   ----?    problems for me ?
Never.   ----look at Lance Armstrong ?     he asked the President of the GREAT    US of
A----for a Billion for cancer research-? Right ----Right.? ---small change say I
  --remember a USA Billion is small change ---compared to a  French Billion. or a Danish
Billion. ---NOW did he get one lousy dollar ?   tell me --PLEASE. ----.

By Christ I am going to ask him ----read my lips.   ------Remember Hagar was a cycle Racer
on a Swedish "Monark"     very expensive bike. ---10 speed. ----And tour de Sweden was won
by a 60 year OLD Swede  ---NO ifs and buts.----remember? a 60 year old Swede in better
shape than a 30 year old Amerikan ? -----they were --read my lips.---and NOW it is even
worse. IMHO   the amerikans have become a fat lazy coutch potato --nation----totally
UNFIT.--physically.---bring them on ?   ---and I will show you..

Make my day ---any time.     When I met my Amerikan counterpart in 1953 ?    it was a walk
in the park for me ----they were fit ? ---nonsense.

Let me tell you guys ----1953  to 1957     Swedes ,Norwegians and Danes were fit
  ---you have NO idea.----how fit they were.-----BUT I do.

The credit ?   ---it belongs to the Public School System ----just like Germany   -----when
the wehrmacht moved ?  were they FIT ? ---you bet.--- they were trained from grade one.


PS : Is fitness needed in war today ?  ---not at all.---a FAT slob will kill you if he has
lots of smarts.
or SHE ?.

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