[Vwdiesel] Surgery on the TDI and other suspension work on the Caddy

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Sat Aug 27 22:31:33 EDT 2005

Well the doctor (me) to scalpel in hand (actually a Dremmel tool,  
screw driver and some torx drivers) and dove into the heart of my TDI  
(injection pump).  I am happy to report that both patient and doctor  
survived and are doing nicely.....About a week ago, the 98 Jetta  
threw a CEL.  Pulling out the trusty VAGCOM, I pulled the fault code  
and it indicated a faulty fuel temp sensor.  The first time I was  
able to clear the code, but the next day it was back and I couldn't  
clear the code which now indicated "fuel temperature sensor, fault to  
ground".  After doing some digging on the TDI club, I found several  
nice posts and even step by step instructions of how to replace the  
sensor which is under the top cover of the injection pump.  I order  
the part from IMPEX and waited.  When it arrived today, I noticed  
that 3 screws on the top cover were torx and I easily removed them.   
The third screw is almost triangular in shape,  no socket or bit I  
have would fit (turns out there is a tool that goes for $25 to loosen  
this one screw).  So I simply took out my Dremmel tool and ground a  
nice neat slot for a screwdriver.  I use an impact driver to loosen  
the screw and off came the top.  Two more small torx screws and the  
sensor was out and replace.  Car now runs like a charm again.

I also spent some time today in the Texas  heat (102F today) adding a  
leaf to the suspension of the Caddy.  I went to Pep Boys and bought a  
kit that is supposed to be installed on leaf springs that hang below  
the axle.  I disconnected the shock, unbolted the U-bolts that hold  
the leaves on the axle and then lifted the truck to lift the leaves  
from the perch.  I removed the bolt that goes through the leaves and  
added a longer bolt with a spacer added (actually an oversized nut)  
so that it would extend through the large hole in the new recurved  
leaf.  Bolted them back together, slid in the leaf and slowly lower  
the truck back down to seat the leaves on the perch.  Reinstalled the  
U-bolts and the shock and viola a stiffer rear suspension and a bit  
of lift to the back of the truck.  I am really pleased with the ride  
height and load capabilities. The truck is currently sitting at the  
curb with a layer of large rocks covering the inside of the bed and  
the suspension only compressed by about 1/2. Hayden


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