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You are right.  Too many people get on the free WVO bandwagon and it will
become a commodity worth $$$$.  It has been below the radar until now with
technically minded DIY'ers mostly doing the conversions but with the big
rise in conventional fuel prices this will not last.

There was a news item on the Toronto TV this evening all about a fellow who
had 'modified' (fortunately they didn't discuss how) his diesel camper truck
to run on used veggie oil from the local burger place where he gets the used
cooking oil free.  This was a public interest story inspired by the rising
costs of fuel for drivers.  They did say it would cost between $1500-$3000
to retrofit a vehicle to use WVO.  I was glad to hear that.

Right now I can buy fresh vegetable oil in 4-litre jugs at the local large
chain discount grocery store for 94 cents/litre.  That is Soybean oil.
Canola costs about $1.05/litre.  Soybean oil is therefore exactly at the
pump price of dino diesel here in Ontario at the present.  If dino continues
to climb as does gasoline I may hurry my dual fuel system installation (with
heat on the secondary system).


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> I was wondering what the shelf life is on WVO.
>   That's the reason I've thought more of making boidiesel. Should store
> for quite a while with no worries and I can run it straight, store it in
> fuel tanks, etc.  Don't know what the shelf life of it would be but my
> didn't think it'd be too long!
>   You could do like I'm planning to do, set up for bio production, make it
> and then store biodiesel.  Then you're ready to run whenever!  :-)
>   Yesterday afternoon on SPEED channel it was "Trucks" or whatever
> that show is.  They did the show on biodiesel production.  (that guy
> SURE is happy isn't he?)  Nice setup with two tapered bottom tanks,
> recirculation pump, water wash and so on.  I bet it costs too!
>   At least they made it look a LITTLE harder than it should be.  Friend
> told me it was on commented that too many people start doing this and
> end up PAYING for that used oil instead of getting it for free!  :-(
>      Loren
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