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You mentioned the Bureau of Automatic Transmission Fluid.  The G-men in the
USA 'apparently' even have a division to chase you down if you wanna use
waste automobile tranmission oil as fuel! They are pretty serious dudes that
carry guns. Well it certainly looks like that from the Canadian side of the
border, why else would they be called the BATF??????  Cannot take any
revenue away from the big oil companies!  Like I said, special interest i.e.
big corporations run our governments for their own benefit not the


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> > I wonder how long it will be before police are busting down the
> > doors of condos to take out am unregulated private VWO/biodiesel 'lab'
> > just
> > like they now do with crystal meth and marijuanna grow ops?
> >
> Is _that_ why they keep pounding on my door in the night?  Honest, it's
> just for recreational use and maybe to get me going to work.
> I do know that it's requried to have a BATF permit to produce your own
> alcohol fuel, if you ever happen to go that route.  I've done a little
> reading on that because not all biomass is oil based and I am a
> microbiologist, so the various fermentations are interesting to me.  The
> butanol one's pretty nifty.  Shame I'm not a chemical engineer on the
> side....  That permit process is obviously to keep people from running a
> shine still untaxed and also they don't let you run a still in your
> living room.
> You're supposed to have a little open space for the thing to blow up and
> only kill you and not the Petersens next door.
> I could see where they wouldn't want just anyone making BioDiesel.  If
> the world found out it was the secret to making people smarter and
> better looking, who knows where it would all end.  I'm seeing high speed
> chases in a Hayden-chipped TDI Scirocco conversion running bottles of
> BioDiesel from the revenuers and G-men.  Might not out-run them on the
> straightaways, but sure would leave them in the dust at the Shell station.
> I'm still intrigued with that UNH oil algae/wastewater program that
> Roger posted a link to.  Not quite intrigued enough to do the hard
> research and really boring reading of journal articles, but still
> interested enough to dream.  I have wondered if one of those research
> professors is interested in taking on a Ph.D student....  Probably ought
> not let someone like that hear my opinion of journal articles :)
> -Shalyn
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