[Vwdiesel] piston question

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That clears it up for me, thanx!


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> I found your post confusing.  Are you saying all 1.6 NA pistons are the
> as all 1.6 TD pistons?  I thought the 1.6 TD pistons were heavier duty,
> plated or something to make them different.
>   I'm sure you're not the first!  ;-D    My mind kind of went faster than
> fingers, or coherent thought...
>   All 1.6 NA pistons are the same.
> All 1.6 TD pistons are the same.  You can run TD pistons in an NA but
> not the other way around unless you do some relieving for the squirters.
> (See, I always throw in something extra just to make it confusing!)
>      Loren
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