[Vwdiesel] EPA waives diesel sulfur requirements

Mark LaPlante laplante at mac.com
Wed Aug 31 14:23:02 EDT 2005

At lunch today, I heard the EPA secretary announcing he was going to 
waive the sulfur level requirements for diesel fuel (and gasoline 
volatility, but that's OT) until September 15th for 4 states including 
mine. Think I will notice any effects if I end up running some "high 
sulfur" fuel?

As an update to my last post, I found another route to work that is 
mostly 55 mph with not as much hill climbing and my mileage went up to 
around 43 mpg (US). Going to check out the air filter next. Diesel is 
still $2.49 on top of the mountain in Grant, AL, but on my way to work I 
observed a 23 cent spread in gas prices (some possibly due to taxation 



*EPA waives gas emission rules along hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast*
Aug. 31 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to 
temporarily ease restrictions on gasoline sales along the portion of the 
Gulf Coast ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in an effort to avert a severe 
fuel shortage.

The fuel waiver for Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi will 
allow stations to sell gasoline that does not meet local emissions 

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson said the hurricane created an "extreme 
and unusual fuel supply circumstance," that gasoline suppliers could not 
have foreseen.

The waiver will allow for the sale of gasoline meeting a Reid Vapor 
Pressure standard of 9 pounds per square inch in areas where a lower RVP 
is required.

In addition, the EPA will waive a motor vehicle diesel fuel standard 
requiring no more than 500 parts per million of sulfur.

The waiver will continue through Sept. 15, 2005 - the end of the 
high-ozone period. However, retail outlets, wholesalers and consumers 
may continue using the higher sulfur diesel fuel they have on hand after 
Sept. 15 until the supplies are depleted, according to the EPA.

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