[Vwdiesel] vibration

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 31 21:22:26 EDT 2005

I'm getting a real harsh vibration for a split second when ever I push the
clutch in and come to a stop. It only last for a second or so and then idles
fine. It is like the engine is going well below idle and then coming back up
to idle.  I have adjusted the idle on the pump and that seemed to help but I
don't want to turn it up more because it already seems to be on the high
side for an idle speed. I noticed that it wouldn't do it if I kept my foot
on the accelerator slightly as to not let it go all the way back to the
stop.  Can I adjust that stop to keep it slightly up from where it is now?
Will that hurt anything?  I always thought that was the idle adjustment but
was told it wasn't. Just filled up tonight, diesel is at $2.79 a gallon now.


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