[Vwdiesel] Blinking glow plug light

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Hi Nick, I don't know what comfort this will be to you, but mine started acting up on me a while back, in much the same way, and intermittently continued for over a month.  No visible water in the sump. Eventually just stopped doing it.  Haven't seen it blink again now for months.  Maybe got a batch of diesel that was somewhat saturated with moisture, but not enough to precip out??  I still don't know for sure, but it did go away.   Doug Ferguson

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Ok I remember reading about this in the Bentley and I'm having a bad day
because I can not find it in there to save my life.  The story is my glow
plug light started to come on and blink. It started on a cool wet morning in
the middle of my drive to work, was on for about 30 seconds and went out,
now two days later with a nice sunny dry day it started blinking even before
I started the car and stayed blinking for about 2 minutes and went out the
rest of the 20 mile drive home.  I know it is about moisture in the fuel or
something like that. I checked the water trap under the car. It was good, no
water. I checked around the fuse box and under the hood area of the glow
plug system and all is dry. Is there something else to look at?  Just point
me to the correct page in the Bentley since I can't seem to find it.  It has
been one of those weeks here with the in-laws being in and out of the
hospital and the kids being sick.



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