[Vwdiesel] details on turbo prime no start

Chris Geiser cfgmail at direcway.com
Fri Dec 2 20:08:15 EST 2005

Coming in a little late on this, but you test-lighted the glow plug bar to
make sure current is getting to them?  Big fuse on firewall can crack acting
like this.  No smoke is fishy, but glow plugs are the obvious.  I've had
that fuse crack - also had the spades on the glow plug relay corrode in my
vanagon, but not ever in a Jetta/Rabbit...

I've had lots of VW diesels, but only one with a sticky solenoid.  Took me a
long time to figure out on my own...  Found it eventually by removing the
plunger under the solenoid - started right up.  Course, had to snub it out
then to reinstall...

Best of Luck,


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Okay, I'm just assuming it's a no prime issue, although I did open up
the inlet banjo, and the inlet port is plenty full of fuel.  the
solenoid seems pretty smooth around the edges, looks like a 23mm? I'll
have to pick one up.  I'll look for sources for a spare solenoid..

I cracked the injectors, and a little something is coming out, (hard to
tell while I'm cranking inside) so maybe the pump is fine?  Maybe bad
coolant cracked my block or something??  Not likely as this happened
overnight on a cold night, and the next day was no start??

No diesel smell out the exhaust.

No start.

Slow then faster and faster cranking (really fast cranking).

No start.

13 degrees F, no garage.

The thing that gets me is the no smell no smoke.  No compression? It
seems that it's fuel related.  Low compression or no glow plugs should
be smoky and smelly, yes?

IP shot?  overnight just like that??

Engine rebuilt 15,000 miles ago.

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