[Vwdiesel] It Runs!!!!!!

Tim Hicks emailastro at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 3 19:41:36 EST 2005

Hey Everyone,
  It runs. It runs.It runs.
   It wasnt my timing, it was air in the injection pump as many of you suggested. I was reading the threads of "how to prime turbo injection pump?" and decided to use a brake bleeder suction pump on the return line at the pump and started sucking fuel through a clear tube, the fuel had losts of large and small bubbles. I filled up the little jar 4 times before it was bubble free and put the little return line back on.
  After about 4 rotations it was trying to start. I kept cranking it and within a few minutes it was running on its own.
  Thanks for everyones help.
  Tim Hicks

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