[Vwdiesel] Advance / Delayed timing.

Tim Hicks emailastro at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 3 23:06:09 EST 2005

My car runs now but it has visible white smoke. It didn't smoke before, so I'm thinking the pump timing is still off. I also notice a Lot of marbling which sounded different than before.
  My Volvo Green Book on "Fuel system and Emission control" book give several reasons for the white smoke. Since there was no smoke before I changed the timing belts, and re-timed it, I'm thinking it is the timing is delayed.
  I set the timing to the book specifications which was 0.80, to advance the pump timing, setting it 0.90 is advancing it or delaying it.
  Loosen the pump retaining bolt and moving the pump is no an option as I can get to two of them. On a VW 2.4L the pump is on the rear of the engine not the front. I will have to loosen the camshaft wheel and do it that way.

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