[Vwdiesel] Rebuilding injection pump

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Sun Dec 4 23:57:49 EST 2005

At 06:51 PM 12/4/05 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi All
>Seems around here our injection pumps are starting to leak. A friends 1980
Rabbit was leaking for a while and he didn't notice it, his wife was driving
it and the fuel had saturated the belt and of course the belt let go. She's
trying to talk him into a new TDI
>A couple days later I noticed a shiny spot from under my car after a
typical Oregon rain, on closer inspection, it appears my injection pump
front seal is leaking too.

Front (main shaft ) seals are cheap and easy to replace. I did the seal on
the old 1.6 in goldie 70,000 miles ago and still dry. Seal was so bad the
xfer pumpwould not lift fuel

Don't even have to take the pump off the car.

Buy the seal, (less than $10) from a pump shop.
Pull the drive sprocket from the pump shaft (it's keyed)
Use a puller, and pull on the holes inside nearest the shaft, or the
sprocket may shatter, it's cast iron.
Take a small flat blade screw driver, heat it, bend the blade 90* to form a hook
Dress it with a file so it is free of burrs and about 1/16" hook.  A real
toolmaker could probably shape it in a semi-circle to fit even better. 
 The deal is to be able to punch it through the fabric of the seal WITHOUT
TOUCHING THE SHAFT ! ,  and hook it out of the pump body without touching
the shaft with anything and scoring it.

Brain surgery? yes, but doable even by an old fart like me. Just do it
slowly and carefully.
Doing it again, I might make a split plastic tube , like the one in the
brake caliper sliders, and insert over the shaft to protect it during the
operation (maybe a proctologist could do it without hurting anything?)

The new seal is inserted flange - in, and tapped home using a short length
of 1/2" copper water pipe.

Assembly is reverse of dis-assembly {Bentley}

Even though my pump is very high-miles (it's second engine) and the shaft
has significant play, it still does not leak after 70,000m / 100,000km (near

Car has 500,000km on it, just broken in.


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