[Vwdiesel] Injection pump talk for beginners ---( park your Rabbit nose pointing downhill )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Mon Dec 5 17:23:36 EST 2005

Rebuilding injection pump   S Boser
Hi All

Seems around here our injection pumps are starting to leak. A friends 1980 Rabbit was
leaking for a while and he didn't notice it, his wife was driving it and the fuel had
saturated the belt and of course the belt let go. She's trying to talk him into a new TDI
A couple days later I noticed a shiny spot from under my car after a typical Oregon rain,
on closer inspection, it appears my injection pump front seal is leaking too.
I've bought a rebuild kit for my pump but of course there is no directions, can anyone
point me to an available reference to rebuild this sucker?
I have a bosch book on VE pumps but its more of a text book than an actual repair manual.
I also have a couple of spare pumps so I plan on disassembling one of them first. And I am
working on a test bench where I can operate the pump with an electric motor and measure
the outputs on the bench.

Thanks in advance


So you got a  Rabbit or a Jetta  ? --up to about  1986  (limit of my experience)   ---the
normal problems were --the leaking pumps. ----we can all fix the brakes and things ----?
??  --you bet   BUT the injection system ?  --Not so fast Mr. Mc.Geer. (BC joke) .    The
cold shaft  ?  that short little shaft ? ---yes it was a problem.  If it leaks ?    pull
the   cold start at shutdown.   ----It is the lowest leak  and therefore the worst
problem.-----BUT it is cheap to get a complete replacement. --Two screws and BINGO.(two
O-rings if you fix)----Next worst ?  ---main shaft seal --? right.  ---I pay about 3.50
dollars Kanadian for a new seal.

If you got a Turbo 1.6L  job like me ?  --you are blessed.   More POWER ?  no not
here ---BUT better combustion.--After a lot of experiments I discovered that a 1.6L VW
Diesel engine ---Absolutely LOVES a lot of  manifold pressure.---so you want to pass a
smoke test ?   here is your answer---Bunny Bondo will pass any test you can throw at her
ANYWHERE.---I am driving her in VW ECO  mode mostly.---BUT the LDA is on tap.---WOW what a
girl.  --- What do I call it ----? --mean and LEAN----ok super lean mixture.  ----Read up
on MIXTURE. -----or ask me.

Reason ?   I suspect "VORTEX"  -is involved.---I studied vortex for years --and if you see
a BIG Tornado ?  --you know what I mean. --I am still looking for the answer to why a
Vortex does not decay faster ?.--For the flyboys ?   wingtip vortex at airports  ---very
dangerous. If you land a Paper-Cup J3  after a fully loaded  Antonov 225   --?  stay way
back.---MILES and miles.

The same vortex that flips you upside down ?  ---improves combustion in a VW
iesel.  --READ MY LIPS.


PS :  Remember the VW does not use a Pre -Chamber ---it uses a "SWIRL CHAMBER"..---for
GOOD reasons. ----and by the way that is a kind of a pre-chamber. ---That for another day.
And for the big airplane?    they would never let me on board. ---BUT    -- they let
Gavrik Peterson on boad --and with a camera. ?--   he promised me some picture --JA ?  --I
am still wayting.

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