[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning

Tim Hicks emailastro at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 11:00:54 EST 2005

When you use the " Hillbilly" tuning/timing method as described below, do you disconnect the automatic cold start valve? The directions given are for a manual cold start valve. Thanks Tim
Ahhh, hillbilly tuning...


Here goes...

-Hot engine

-Cold start knob all the way out

-inj pump - 3 of 4 mounting bolts loose, leave the one at the 2:00

position snug.

-start engine(idle)

-loosen just enough to be able to rotate the pump.

-roll pump (top towards engine) this advances timing. You will hear the

engine speed up. At some point the engine will start to slow down or

stumble. Stop, go back to that max point.

-Snug a mounting bolt.

-Stop engine.

-Make a reference mark on the mounting flange and the pump face.

-Mark a mark 2mm in the retarded direction(as in rolling the pump


-Move the pump to that new mark.

-Tighten everything up.

-in turn, loosen and re-tighten all of the injector pipes on the pump


-Push in the cold start knob.




If you go back and measure injection timing, you will find the timing to

be in the 1.05mm range. Some get 1.07, others 1.03, YMMV.


You can forgo all of the above and just statically set the timing to

1.05mm and be done with it.


I have done this to my 1980 PU and boy what a difference! Why didn't I

know about this years ago with my two other Rabbits?


For fueling, I set mine so that I get just a wisp of gray haze smoke at

full boogey in 3rd gear.





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