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How cool is that? My dream come true.
Why the 6 to 8 degree advance thing, though? I have a couple of timing lights, none of which have that advance knob thing. One old Sun Instrument light I have fires the xenon by a wire touching the glass tube; this wire contacts high voltage at plug! Flintstone timing light, but also stone cold reliable. 
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You can use a timing light on a diesel without the degree marks on the crank 
pulley/harmonic balancer. I bought this adapter "Mac Diesel Pulse Adapter 
(ET18DPM)" on Ebay. I have read about them before, I also read that on most 
turbo diesel motors it should be set on 6 to 8 degrees BTDC. You have to use the 
"Advanced" timing light, the one that has the degree knob on the timing light. 
It is suppose to do a great job. I didnt want to pay what it went for though, 
but someone wanted just as bad as I.

slatersfb at aol.com wrote:
  The automatic advance is pushed by a piston which responds to internal pump 
The manual advance lever does not reach full advance. It is only for cold 
starts. To advance timing fully, you would need to open the pump where the 
manual advance lever is mounted (two screws) and push the advance piston all the 
way in. Starting engine at this point would pour fuel out opening, so this is 
probably not a good idea. 
Also, pump internal pressure may be low due to worn parts so final advance may 
not be reached any ways. 
I've been trying to think of some way to check timing like on a gasser with a 
timing light. Maybe some kind of pressure transponder on number one injector 
pipe? Transponder could then trigger a strobe light to view timing marks on a 
crank or pump mounted degree wheel.
Any thoughts on this?

Bob in the Entire State


Good Question!
I have no clue how the automatic device works. But the key is to make it
go full advance.
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