[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning 2005 -- ( the sonic probe )

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> The complete " Hillbilly Tuning "  procedure is a 1000 times more complex and scientific
> than Timing according to the Bentley ---- there you go  simple my butt.
> The best part is , that you need not do the whole mess to get moving.   ..I do it in
> parts  ----well on to the probe..
> In the # 1  injection line  is a supersonic pulse  we can use for determining injection
> point in relation to crankshaft angle. ---Speed of sound in diesel fuel is fast - and
> line short  --- so ?   it is a very accurate measurement.
> The TUNING procedure dictates that we MUST determine that Injection point correspond to
> RPM.-----      -- that is were the NEWBIES  --fall of the Wagen.   It is tricky because
> the  function falls off very slowly ---mainly due to wear of parts inside the
> ump.  ---say about 5 degrees per 50 000 miles ? -with bad fuel  seems like overnight.
> A strobe light for Gassers can be modified --(Apple Pie) for a sonic probe . Yes there
> a timing mark on the front pulleys.
> For those of you who are a bit strapped for the Holiday Season ?   have no worry
> procedure includes a test of internal pump pressure that is very cheap simple and works
> like a charm. --If internal pressure is low --you must do something about it.--(Apple
> Pie).
> How much does the pressure advance Injection point ?  ---you may ask ?  do not quote me
> but it is about 0 to 20 degrees ----20 degrees should be at max RPM.
> Does a  0.5 degree really make any significant difference ? --at 101 it does. --Ask any
> Ham if a small amount if grinding on a quartz crystal makes a difference to the
> frequency --or any flyboy if a small adjustment to the angle on a Rotor-blade  makes a
> difference to how smoooooth she flies.
> Does TUNING involve any TIMING ?   ---that is affirmative.
> Svend.

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