[Vwdiesel] "leaning out" diesel????????

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If you lean a turbo diesel significantly you will merely increase pumping losses 
decrease fuel economy.  You'll also destroy any performance.


Good morning, You guys have me confused, and I haven't had my coffee yet, so that's not fair. I wanted to clarify something that has bugged me for a long time.  In my way of thinking, the "richer" and "leaner" concept really doesn't apply to these little buggers we run.  For instance with the NA engines, we don't have direct throttle control of how much air goes into the engine.  For a given rpm, we will always have the same amount of air going in, regardless of the throttle setting. (This might be slightly influenced by increased cylinder scavenging at higher loads, but that topic is for another time)  The only thing we really control is the amount of fuel that is injected and when it is injected.  Turning down the fueling screw ("leaning"????) merely limits how much fuel the pump will deliver.  Much the same as deciding you are only going to push the throttle pedal down just so far, and only that far.  The rich and lean concept applies much more so to gas cars.  (IMHO). But if you must, these diesels are "leanest" at idle, "richest" at full throttle and somewhere in between the rest of the time.  Bottom line is, the more fuel you put in, the faster and hotter it will go.  I think I'd best go have some coffee now.  Thanks, Doug

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