Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Fri Dec 9 11:50:39 EST 2005

More on diesel efficiency may be forthcoming, unless I now get thoroughly shouted down.

Furguson ?   shouted down ?   --count on Svend not shouting.

One of my MUST read types is James Hansen ----now that fancy word he uses ?   I can not
spell it and I can not say it ---but WAY way back in my mind  --I know he is
ight.  --that WORD is  where it is all at.

I think the WORD has to do with COMBUSTION  ---100% combustion ?.    Ferguson ---what
keeps this forum Alive ?  ---RIGHT.---it must be Informative ,
Interesting, ---entertaining ?  ---well whatever.

Debating things ?   IMHO that is the best of all communication between Humans.    --Andrew
in Flagstaff----put an issue on the table that affects us all.---Thank you Andrew.. ---
You may be wrong ?  --but it got us thinking ? ---Ja.
And Ferguson  --I know a little bit about " MIXTURE"   on turbines and so on --but tell us
more .  I heard about "HOT"  starts on helicopters and HOT starts on Fighters   ---a pool
of fuel igniting in the tailpipe or whatever.----In this forum ?  ---ever had a chimney
fire ?  --then you know. Some day I will tell about my Chimney fire  --Scary Scary---like
a run away Rabbit  --except worse --you may loose EVERYTHING ?-.

Turbo  and temp ?   ----can it get out of hand ?   --IMHO yes  ---overfuel and overboost ?
all at the same time ? ----meltdown ahead..

Overboost ? and underfuel ?   NO problemo.---Read my lips.-.


PS :   Andrew I like this discussion  ---and it fits right in with LORENS  --back to
God I miss LOREN.   --- BUT  not all is lost ---Just go Loren in Archives ----I do just
about every day.

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