[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly TUNING ? ---( is it valid ? ---bet your

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Sun Dec 11 00:37:47 EST 2005

What we found was that the radiologists could, as a group,
	identify features below the noise level in radiographs.

	Since then, I have learned that there are more situations
	where we don't completely understand the capabilities of
	our senses.

	Hillbilly tuning relies on those senses.  BTW, somewhere
	around 79 or 80, there was a VW mechanic in the area who
	presumably tuned VWs the same way.  I never managed to
	talk with him, but I don't doubt it.

	This is all a matter of what tools do you use, and what's
	your comfort factor in doing so.  Kind of like allopathic
	medicine and osteopathic, perhaps.


This kind of thread is my kind of Saga --stuff.   I was blessed to meet a BLIND   Ham
(friend of my dad) ---and like Val said ---do we have senses we underrate ?   I say yes.
99 %  of you have those senses --all you have to do is learn how to use them.---(on
diesels).---- My Dads friend  Cesil    was born blind ----and his hearing would blow
anyone's socks off.---He was  a member of a well to do family in Copenhagen and he played
the Organ in the Church..---- Do I Svend have unusual senses ?   yes.    As an Old flyboy
I had to go for a finger and Vaseline job every 6 month.---Part of the test was
vision ---(finger removed)  ---color blindness test---- The clinic  had a new doctor doing
the tests ---a new entry from UK  ---so he did it to the letter.....Half way through the
test (color dots) he started reading the numbers on the cards. He looked at me and
said ---holy Shiite I am color blind.----I can see ALL the charts ---even the color blind
ones. -OH I passed the tests and got my license.----A color blind Doctor ?  ----WOW.

Some of you have   HI-FI  systems ?   right ?   ---and you are fuzzy   about the sound
  ----NOW tell me that you do not know  what a happy diesel sounds like ?----you will
learn real easy.----Just compare.

BUT it gets better ---Injectors   and Alternators and   ----all kinds of things on a
Rabbit.-----Well  ok the rattles is different.

Cesil and Svend would be the Rabbit Tuning team of all time ----NO ifs and or buts.


PS :   to hear CESIL play Revolution march on the piano ?   ---that got the  attention. of
next door.

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