[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning at 101 ---( and FUN it is )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Sun Dec 11 11:55:47 EST 2005

I like to point out that IMHO  ----Gary Bangs  way of adjusting a Pump  -takes the Gold
medal   for  efficiency  ---fast as Jackrabbit and it works --read my lips.

NOW NOW  it is not for the timid and raw beginners.

Why do I do  Tuning  ?   --simple  ---VW  and Bosch  will not give  me numbers for setting
a 1980  1.5L  yellow dot pump on a 1982   1.6L  NA  engine.----What to do ?  ---Simple

In your Bentley there is only one setting ?--Ja.   Under Hillbilly Tuning  ?   thousands.

TUNE for Max smileage or Max Power.  ----Bunny Bondo  is TUNED to be a nicer gentler
Rabbit---------------I could write a book about how nice she is to drive... NO smoke no
burning of rubber  just plain old GOOD transportation.---First thing you will notice is
how incredible  smooooooooooooooth the engine is.-----For a four banger  ?   I still have
troubles with that issue.

I promised Ferguson   long time ago that I would explain in details  what I did to make
Bunny Bondo  run so nice.----I am still writing.

PS  : be careful if you put a 107 A   yellow dot pump  on a 1.6L NA  engine.--You may have
to use a rat tail file on slots in pump. (like me).   Other than that ? will the pump work
? ---like stink I tell ya kid..
About Bunny Bondo ---- when she snared me --she was one WILD thing.   According to book
she puts out  68 HP at 4500 RPM.----I know what 100 HP looks like and she put out more
than 100 HP at about 6000 RPM.----and smoked like a Navy Destroyer.  While I am at
smoke ---how did those Warships make so much smoke ?. ---Like smoke at an airshow ?.

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