[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly TUNING ? ---( is it valid ? ---bet your butts. )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Mon Dec 12 16:18:23 EST 2005

I Svend read  the guy from  " near the Big Apple " in entire state. ----shit I like that
one ----Entire State--wow.   ---He is on my must read list ---and he better be on yours if
you are a newbie.

Long before I ever heard of this forum, I was tuning my cars, diesel included, by ear and
by feel. I guess all modern engines are manufactured to very close tolerances and are very
similar to one another to begin with. But not all engines are treated the same over the
course of their lives. Differences develop due to lack of maintenance or lack of precision
when being worked on by inept mechanics. Different lubricants may cause some parts to wear
faster on different engines. A 20 year old Rabbit is nowhere near the same as one just
rolling off the assembly line. Set it up by the book, and it will probably run, but it
will run a lot better if you take the time to adjust each aspect to personal standards
attained over a lifetime. Granted, this takes more time. It is quicker to plug in a dial
indicator to set pump timing, set camshaft slot flat as in the book. Quicker, sure, but
better, I don't think so.
Maybe taking so much time for tuning is not an option for everyone, so timing by Bentley
does the trick. Is this way the best? My own experience says no.

Bob in the Entire State

Is there a BEST WAY ?  ----of course not ----all are the same ?  ---never NEVER never. .
however there is a BEST way for your Old Rabbit. ----what is it ?   --well that is up to
you.---- well let me tell you    TIME her and then take her here and I will TUNE it   free
of charge----then marvel at the difference,.------If that does not  convince you
  ---    have a nice day.


PS : after a couple of month ?   look at the fuel bill ---that will convince you.

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