[Vwdiesel] Too many damn variables

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So far with 8k on this rebuild with my 91 ECO jetta. I average 47mpg. I have
gotten 50.  But for the most part with mixed city and highway driving 47 is
what I normally get. I did run it on a road trip to Raleigh NC about 70
miles one way on I-40 running 80mph up and back and it got 39mpg but that
was before I rebuilt the IP and adding the LDA to it, rebuilding the turbo
and added the 2.5" downpipe. I haven't had a chance to run it up there yet
to see if it still gets that mileage. I just add 3oz of Fuel Power and 2 oz
of AMSOIL's cetane boost to every fillup of the tank. I do know that I'm
saving, at current fuel prices, around $210 a month in fuel costs driving it
back and forth to work over my 02 Silverado.  Those numbers I like. :)

I'm on my second Eco-diesel and the best I've seen is 45mpg US (in the
spring and fall)... Usually low 40s, slightly less in winter.  I've heard
from others that get pretty much the same - little bigger, few more
peripherals hanging on the engine; makes it tough to catch Rabbits / Golfs
in mileage...


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Not to confuse the issue any more than necessary, but Wow, I forgot to
mention one HUGE variable, that will make it damn near impossible for us to
really know where we stand on our tuning issues (if we're using mileage as a
guide). The Quality of the Diesel Fuel.
For all I know, my engine is tuned to as optimal a state as it can be, but
it's this Kalifornia fuel that's got me!! A friend of mine (who has had a
little datsun diesel pickup truck for a long, long time) said he noticed a
big difference in his mileage after they reformulated the fuel around here.
And it didn't get better.  Doug 
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