[Vwdiesel] So many variables, so little time

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Tue Dec 13 20:26:04 EST 2005

Ferguson -----me svend is right behind you----I agree with  just about all you
d.    ---I got TOO much time on my hands ( shit ).

When you have lots of TIME ?  ---what to do ?   ---have fun  right ? FUN. ----And I have
never had so much FUN in my life.----ever ---till I started doing DIESELS..

Fergus you are getting 42 miles to a gallon US ? ----what the hell do you want
? ----driving for FREE ? ------lol LOL.

The FUNNY part of Bunny Bondo and svend is this----" EXPERIMENTS " .    and let me tell
you guys -----I was NEVER a  diesel mechanic -----NEVER ....    BUT I was an experimenter
class a one.------you know just like a lot of you guys ? ------TRY it and learn ? -----and
did I ever.

Can you guys imagine  making Nitroglycerine  --- for the first time ?   -BANG and
BANG----- did I make it ?    ---absolutely -----and FUN it was. (Bang ).. --Does Nitro ?
have anything to do with OLD rabbits ?  ----you bet your rear end.   A really COLD Rabbit
?  ----likes nitro for starting ?   SUPER  CETANE   thats what.-----if that does not get
her going ?   IMHO     nothing will.


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