[Vwdiesel] By hook or by crook or by the book

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 17:30:33 EST 2005

Snipped from a hillbilly thread by James

"Volkswagen has phenomenal reproduction capabilities, and have had
tolerances for decades that other manufacturers have only attained quite
recently. When the variables are eliminated, no, you do not have 10,000
different rabbits running around the continent, you have essentially 10,000
identical engines that engineers and machinists have busted their asses to
make exactly identical."

James how do you account for different shims? Different head gaskets? These
engines are not fine tolerance; they are just acceptable tolerance!

IMO all engines should be set to manufacturers recommended timing
initially; and then they should be farted about with  +/- a bit and
listened to or just simply driven to see what's best.# For you #.I look for
economy with just enough power to overtake  that troublesome truck. This
may or may not coincide with original spec. This is before any wear. Then
as agreed; re-fudging as slack develops.Recording results I agree is always
better than not recording it especially as the route to happiness is a long
road for some drivers. However if wear may also be a factor then the
subsequent adjustments are unique to this engine; unless you are able to
create a graph of wear adjusted timings.
I don't tune by ear particularly; but once I have an engine as I like it; I
'm the first to notice a change in the sounds that may be a later issue!
Call it maintenance by ear!

I have set current Quantum to 1mm as was my last one. This one did 34mpg 
[imp] mixed driving on last fillup.  last one did 50mpg mixed and 60 on 
interstate. Yet the better condition engine is the un economic one..

I will be farting about with this one for sure!

Mr Bush

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