[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning 2005--- ( Injection pump stuff )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Sat Dec 17 18:35:40 EST 2005

...and that's a damn shame. The group is worse for it.

  Thanks a bunch. I was hoping if the source of the disruption made a
permanent exit, we'd get the good old group back, but it sure doesn't look
like that's going to happen. Way to go, buddy.

 What a waste. Yes, I'm pissed. Anyone that's been a member for as long as
many of us has can surely relate.


Lee    just point the finger  ---and if I am it --?  have a nice day --- Loren PMs me and
say it was not only me
it was a number of things. ---- But I do not NEED this place any more ---Got it ?    I do
not need this place any more.  ----BUT unknown to you I get a lot of private emails
requesting me to hang on ---in there. ---A lot of people  will use my expertise --and
discard my Political views. -?    What is your problem ? (why would I care ?)   yes I do
care. I would NOT be here except for all the request's I get---saying hang in
ere.   ---AND read my lips ---I am not a cut and run type.----BUT I am not beyond
APOLOGIZING   ---when I screw up.---I know how to change course. --as an old flyboy ----I
know the value of  getting back on course. --I did NOT crash and it is going to take
somebody more compassionate ---to make me crash. ---I guarantee you ALL that I
will ---WAMOOSE   ---any minute that the majority does not want me here. ------??????? I
am a goner --If   THATs not democracy ? ---- BUT how can I let down the ones who needs
me --without damage to my self esteem ? ---tell me I am all ears. I like to share my
observations with others FREE of charge. I can sell SELL my knowledge for big
dollars ------Count on it--- IT will be free  --in here.    --- Lee ?   you can fill my
shoes ? ---do it.
( make my day).

I do not --say not to  invading Iraq ----I say one more resolution was needed. --in

 IF UN  approved of invasion ?  I would be right there in the front Line.-----but you are
probably too ignorant to know the difference..???.

I shall save my opinion of you for a different time.----and it is not flattering.

Svend .

PS : if 51 %    Wants me here ?   I stay.----PERIOD. ---- READ MY LIPS.

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