[Vwdiesel] Cold weather survival, was: Starting a Cold Rabbit

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The only thing I would suggest would be maybe
replacing the Hershey's bar with M&Ms.  Seems like the
candy shell would help keep the chocolate fresher
(sometimes when it gets cold you get that white chalky
coating) and prevent messes on a warm day.

Throw them in the trunk to keep your kids from eating


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> Starting a Cold Rabbit
> A coffee can - holds a lot --if you lean on
> it.----why steel wool ?  you ask
> .    Because
> it is cheep and it ignites easy and it NEVER  gets
> wet.---BUT   be careful
> it burns really
> HOT.
> _____
> And additional fuel comes from where?
> It's the dead of winter, so you should already have
> a jug of kerosene in the
> trunk for gelling emergencies, isopropal alcohol for
> icing in tank etc.. You
> have a bag of sand there too, right? (for traction
> to get unstuck with)
> put sand in a can, half full, pour kerosene, or
> alcohol on sand, use a twist
> of paper for a wick. Safer, and less intense heat.
> The kero is a tad smoky,
> but it beats dying.  Remember that fire uses up
> oxygen and provide for fresh
> air. The can does get hot so put some sand on the
> floor mat as an insulator.
> You can steal diesel from the tank, put it in a
> coffee can (big can, or
> hubcap) ignite that, and get enough heat to warm the
> pan to start. Build a
> wind break with snow.
> As a flyboy way up in the great white north --I
> learned all kinds of
> survival stuff ---Ja
> ?  I am still here.----oh I forgot ---5 cans of
> Dog-Food----I like  Rover or
> my brand
> Pedigree or such ?  Water ?  no problem let them
> little suckers suck on a
> snowball.
> ______
> Do not eat snow for water in emergencies, EVER. 
> Melt it, then drink it.
> That's what the candles are for, use two old tin
> cans.  I carry a camp
> stove- a tiny backpack mountaineer's stove made by
> Svea, burns anything,
> it's lid is also a cooking pot.  Eating snow
> ESPECIALLY when you are not
> working hard, just hanging in a car waiting out a
> storm can kill your ass.
> It lowers your body's core temperature and can be
> the difference between
> hypothermia killing you, or not.  NEVER NEVER eat
> snow.  And no jokes about
> yellow snow, I've heard them all thanks.
> The best food to have along is chocolate bars.  Big
> ones. wrapped in
> aluminum foil and plastic. lots and lots of energy,
> and chocolate always
> makes things much better. The caffeine also
> increases your physical
> performance by 10ish % and keeps you alert and
> awake.
> What exactly are you supposed to do with five cans
> of frozen dogfood Svend?
> Use them to bang small animals on the head for food?
> That may work in
> summer, but in summer, the wilderness is full of
> good things to eat. Why lug
> around and eat dog food? Yuck! That's where they
> chop up and put the
> critters that died and laid in the sun rotting out
> back of the stockyards
> for a day or so. James no eat that thanks. I'll eat
> twigs and moss first.
> The backpack stove works well as a pan heater too to
> start the car if the
> storm breaks and you can shovel your way out.
> Oh, forget the cute little butane stoves unless you
> are planning on using
> body heat to get the vapor pressure of the butane up
> to where it vaporizes,
> and can burn in the a stove.  Small cartridge ones
> are okay, you can warm
> those easily enough, but the refillable models with
> internal tanks are
> really hard to get to light as you can't easily warm
> the tank.  The old
> reliable multifuel ones that use a primer fuel to
> preheat them are the most
> reliable in cold weather.  MSR, Svea, etc.
> -James
> still surviving after all these years :-)
> **********************
> All these tips could save a life. 
> Trail mix bars are my choice for emergency rations.
> Frozen dog food? I don't know about that one. Ugh.
> Bob in the Entire State  
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