[Vwdiesel] Cold weather survival, was: Starting a Cold Rabbit

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Tue Dec 20 11:09:41 EST 2005

When James Hansen talk about --life when it is Keeeeeristly Cold  ?  --I Svend
listens---( notice my lips are not moving)

I told you all about the Steel Wool  trick ?  ---NIFTY    NIFTY say I.      ---Many years
ago a man by the name Bob Boodle told me about it. (he is a devout Christian) ---Here is
what I heard him say during a discussion about SURVIVAL  in the great (great place) white
north.   . FIRST  thing ?   make a fire.---then we had a general discussion on how to do
that.  Boodle said take a D cell and a bit of steel wool ---and you got fire.

As a devout experimenter I just had to try that one.  ---be warned ---do not do it inside
like I did.    Boy oh boy does that burn HOT. ----I used  "Bulldog" brand fine steel wool.

Then yesterday I phoned Boodle to find out where he got the trick from .  Here is his
answer.   ---From the Kanadian Airforce.

One guy said rub two stick together --yeah  try that one in pissing rain..

When did I graduate as a SURVIVOR ? ---that Keeeeeeeristly  cold night in Maine when the
rescue party gave me a bottle of Moonshine.----I had NO feelings from the belt
down. ----what saved me ?    a James Hansen land Leather Jacket with sheep skin
ining  ---and the fact that I did NOT show up for work.

Was I well equipped to go out there ?   ---name it and I had it. (no GPS)   Silva compass
Maps 303 and lots of ammo   ..---Like diving --do not go alone.---use a buddy system.
All the flyboys here knows the importance of more than one engine.   --Just in case one of
my workmates reads this --THANK you guys

The boss was a devout Christian ----and he got permission to buy chains for all four
wheels for the company Land-Rover.     (lots of snow)----later he went on to work for IBM.

Svend .

PS : did I pray ?  ---are you kidding ?.----you all know that I talked to my
creator ---saying things ---do not let me die I am too young.

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