[Vwdiesel] rebuild costs

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue Dec 20 22:54:23 EST 2005

I have a friend (the one that hauled the truck across the south) whom 
I'm trying to convince that it's just time to rebuild.  At 350,000 miles 
with impossible cold starts and a quart of oil every 200 miles, it's 
time.  He has a couple of spare engines that he can get rebuilt while 
getting the last few drops out of his current engine.  Anyone do a 
rebuild on an A1 1.6 lately and have a general cost of machining and 

This is the same guy whom I have to instruct how to use an ohmmeter to 
check his glow plug fuse, so I'm not entirely sure how getting him to 
put all the parts together himself would work, so better throw in the 
cost of someone building the engine, too.  I've never built up an engine 
from parts either, but don't want to get so involved that I learn how.  
If I accidently smoke some crack someday, I might help him pull the 
engine and stuff in a new one.  I'm getting afraid that if his truck 
dies permanently, I'll end up giving him a lot of rides (he lives pretty 
far away) or worse yet, he'll ask to borrow one of my cars.  He seems to 
be lethal on cars and people get so comfortable with borrowed stuff they 
don't fix their own. 

Another avenue would be if someone knew where to find a good service 
manual (engine and auto tranny) for a BMW turboDiesel 524TD.  He has one 
of those that's in pretty good shape, but it won't start and is leaking 
ATF.  The Chitlins manual leaves a lot to the imagination. 



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