[Vwdiesel] Used Jetta diesel pricing

S Boser java at xprt.net
Wed Dec 21 15:48:38 EST 2005

Personally I think the Owner of the $5400 is probably not far off from the 
current value of the vehicle. However he's most likely wasting his time 
trying to sell this vehicle on Craigs list. I've found CL is great for 
bargain shopping but the wrong venue for trying to get the maxium value for 
a car. What's the cost to advertise on CL? Nothing right. Well sometimes you 
get what you pay for. A friend showed me how she bought and sold cars when 
she was in college, she would always look in the free classified ad papers 
(like Nickel ads or Penny Saver) to buy a car. She would clean it up and 
resell it through the local paper or the auto trader. It paid for her tution 
so it must have worked. Her theory and I believe her completely, is sellers 
who sell with little to no investment in advertising have lower expectations 
in what they get for their item they are selling. The seller that's willing 
to invest in his / her product will usually turn a better profit. Of course 
there is an entire multi-billion dollar industry based on that belief and as 
long as a business can keep an advertising budget in perspective they can 
sell almost anything.
If the seller of the Jetta is serious he would put it in the Auto Trader or 
list it on eBay. My guess is this car is owned by someone else and the 
business trying to hawk this car is someones part time job or friend or 
relative to the owner that said, "Hey I can sell it for you on Craigs list". 
Check out the email address this business does not have its own domain name. 
Also this listing is in violation of CL's rules as it is being represented 
as a business yet it says it is posted by-owner. Finally a search of 
"AUTOMOBILE IMPORT SERVICES" in Craigs list only shows the Jetta nothing 
else Searching the phone number shows the Jetta again here 
Search the phone number in vancouver bc Craigs list you see 3 more diesel 
listings with our 90 Turbo Diesel here 
http://vancouver.craigslist.org/car/117120294.html again being offered by 
Picky yes but these details are important when you want to make the big 
Here's another example of wasted time and space, this guy has been offering 
this same truck for months, if it was worth anything you'd think it would 
have sold by now. He either needs to give it a rest or find some other place 
to sell it or part it out. http://portland.craigslist.org/car/119511937.html
Anyway thats my opinion for what its worth.


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