[Vwdiesel] Risks of Hydraulic Heating?

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Fri Dec 23 19:45:35 EST 2005

Val Christian and ALL  :    I will always follow advice from James Hansen  --on matters
like these-.    I know when I listen to REAL first hands on experience. ------So to be
safe if it is real cool ?   ask James HE knows.

The VW VE pumps must be cooled and THAT  takes a LOT of flow back to the tank.....---that
is how this issue came up in this forum.

Val Christian is very informed on all these matters ----and I am sure he knows what James
is saying.

You want to open a COCONUT ? I do not want to see you in an Igloo ---I want to see you in
a Grass Hut.

SO ?   hands on experience ---learn to recognize that and --you will really be trucking.
Do we have it here ?   in spades.

Svend .

PS .   : The NOT    that cool oil.(guy) My VE pumps are nice and cool    and the head is
cool ----BUT not James Hansen 42 below  cool.----boy is that cold or what ?

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