[Vwdiesel] road trip story, somewhat long.

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Feb 1 14:29:48 EST 2005

    Now, I just have to pull apart the main wiring harness, replace the 
burned lead (you can see a melted trace through the whole thing straight 
to the appropriately-named firewall) and stick it back together. 
Whatever the case, at this point, I'm going to bed. 


I Hagar say Shalyn  -------stay in bed and have a good long sleep.    I said that  I
am scared of headbolt tightening and  and STUCK   glowplugs ?   ADD
plastic wiring that is NOT fused.(yes I am there).(but she still works  1982 NA)

And this one is the worst. .    It goes up the steering post.(I think)   .   I would rather face
all the valves sticking through the pistons than this one.   More than 45 wires going up the post
 BUT I just had a phone call  ---with more bad bad bad news.
One has 3 month     one has  6 month  ----and so on and zu weiter. (Cancer)

So much for the DARK stuff   here is some of the light optimistic stuff.

I hit Texas  in   1953  ----then IT  was still "Freindship" (State)   ---and it was ---to me anyway.

NO NEED for putting up your thumb. ----a car would stop --"Howdy pardner"   wheres are you going ?   --------  Austin ?   ----no  Laredo. .   I owned a lot of Austin cars    limey stuff.

"Bluebonnet" ?????    shit  I had the Yellow Rose down.       "Mockingbird" ?    that one
fits.    ----------    Tournament ?      what kind ?.

I look up on my maps   where any and all of you I can find are.   ----Sickbay passtime.

Fun and great memories. ----   and Texas is  very very dear to me.


PS:     and OHIO   and Georgia and New York  and Florida and Arizona   and and and and
get it ?    Not to forget  Washington State.  EH   Loren ?.   Our freind in Finland?
NO I could not find him on the map.

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