[Vwdiesel] Starting COOOOOL Rabbits --- ( Bondo Golfy mostly)

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Feb 1 19:37:07 EST 2005

When  VW    decided to make a Diesel  for the Rabbit etc. (Dasher?)   one of
the problems was ---HOW ? do you start a diesel  at minus 20 C ?.

IMHO    nobody but nobody knows better than the Germans and the Ruskies  due
to experience at Stalingrad.       The yankies ? they do not rate they just let them idle
all night.

So what to do ?   Glowplugs --  High compression ----they looked at ceramic insulation
 But they settled for 23 to 1   and glowplugs.     ----BUT    BUT remember that was in the EU.

If you sold diesel less than 40 Cetane ?   Crowbar Hotel.

Here ? in north america ?    ----any shit goes.    Why ?   because it is near impossible
to get a test done. And in Canada there is no law.    In USA ?   the law may be there --but the
enforcement is NOT.

So there you go , the VW was designed for a MINIMUM of   50 or 51 Cetane ----NOTICE
MINIMUM.        Shell Canada brags about    40 Cetane .     Tar Sands stuff..

Mike Smith in Lobster land (NB)----mention Lobsters and Caviar and Oysters to a kid from
the slums of Copenhagen ?   ----it had NO meaning.then------but do it NOW ?   WOW..

Get a plastic jug   say about 5 liters or 3 gallons   fill it with 100 octane   and two pieces
of fuel line.   .One in and one return.   Then tell us it will not start.       Best choice  Hexyl Nitrate
second choice ?       .    Hagars HIlbilly starter procedure.  --here it is.:

Half a liter of Ether    and a Falcon pipette  # 4      about 5cc.

Lift hood(Bonnet)   and remove  outlet banjo.     Inject 5 cc of ether  and close.

IF NO start  ----make it two times 5cc. ----James Hansen ,Loren, Val Christian, Sandy Cameron
Doyt Echelberger , Hagar and Robert Bosch   knows how to do it using a starting fluid spraybomb.

BUT      MIKE   NB.    do not try.  It takes a lot of knowhow.  "Experience"    But believe me you give her a big sniff and she is running. ---cylinderhead may be down the street ----thems the brakes.

I located a place selling Hexyl Nitrate in 5 gallon buckets.     That is the one that Mobil Exxon (ESSO)
use when they screw up on a batch. ---yep they told me they even inject it in the pipeline.

My favorite WINTER   limping on brew ?     Kerosene plus  Aviation piston lube straight grade 
2 quarts to a 20 liter buckett of Kerosene or Turbo A  - 1  fuel   plus a pint of 
Hexyl Nitrate.     ------OLD Rabbits needs LOT of Cetane .-----no way of going too high and lots of
lube for the Injection pump  ---never too much is possible.   Aviation oil is GOOD fuel.

Mike in NB     even at 30 below  ----yours will start ---no problem even on 3 plugs.(get four going)..

DID you     sandpaper those terminals on the Battery to shiny perfection?
And put on Vaseline ? ---be honest now.-----IF NOT   I am out stage left.

I have seen hundreds of battery terminals  ---where  all I needed was a Catswhisker and some wire and I would have a chrystal set.     Galena   ?   remember ? Lead and battery acid.

I am going to make a "Chrystal Set again for the first time "     so help me GOD.
And recapture a little of that excitement of old times. Nothing was more fun to me not
even my Eddystone   the professional model for big ships.(it was nice)   Oh yes
I buildt a superhet 4 tube RX     Torotor    coil sectiion.   ---wonder where it is now ?
a fine piece of workmanship ---let me tell you.   My first TX ?   EF 51  ---807    eco-pa
80 meter mostly.-------- I will trade even a small Galena crystal for a 50 Amp fuse for plugs.

NO I do not want a 1N34A    I have lots.    ---To entertain those kids ?   THE  Cats whisker is it.

OK make that 2 fuses.

Mikey    if you get the cetane up around 100  or more  Bondo Golfy will start at minus 30 C
I guarantee ---or explode.  --------Cold diesels start like gassers if you give them
lots of cetane numbers.     I just changed brand (of fuel)  ---now Bonny Bondo is slow to start.
even with 4 plugs going. ----LOW cetane again. 

If you have troubles starting in Canada let us know the Brand ---- and we can put a bit of
pressure on the CEO.

So far I have had absolutely puke crappy fuel from Shell only. ----BUT I had really good fuel from Shell as well.------really really bad crap from Shell only.    All the others were ok. as long as lube was added.

For those of you who never handled Nitro Glycerine    let me tell you that Glycerine is soluable in water . BUT    Nitro Glycerine is NOT.     But it is soluable in gasoline.   So I am going to see if
it is soluable in diesel fuel  ----that should get things going.  ----A JOKE ?      not at all
look it up   In france   Hexyl Nitrate is made on the old Nitro Glycerine equipment.


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