[Vwdiesel] silly ? re: rear wiper motor control

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Feb 1 19:43:15 EST 2005

Thanks Mark..........one last Q then.........when I depress the switch (yes,
the one you mentioned) is there any clicking action supposed to be
happening? (or just a pushbutton/momentary contact affair?)  If so, the
problem would seem to be my switch.  If not, possibly the supply timing cct
or more probably the wiper motor is seized.  Many rear wipered hatchbacks
and stationwagons have seized motors around these parts.  Rust, roadsalt,
lack of use, etc.
Wow, I have found so many things on this car seized or burnt you wouldn't
believe it.

At least now, I can rig up a voltmeter, push the switch, and watch for
voltage at the motor.

Kinda sucks if you don't know the original intended way switches, etc.
operated ;-)

Like my 78 Austin Mini 1000 I'm working on.  Sat in a damp barn in Ontario,
central Canada for 15 years.  I can honestly say more things were seized and
rusty or corroded than were moving.  I'm up to about 50% moving parts now,
but occasionally I'll ask questions like this to the Mini forums and make
most folks scratch their heads.  After all....I've never had a running,
driving Mini before, so it's all new.

Ditto with the Golf.  Many things are new..........but I did have a Jetta
for about 8 months, so some things are not new.

***As an
I've clocked ~360kms on this tank of fuel (my first tank) and guage is still
showing a bit over 1/2 a tank.  I'm dying to check out the "gas mileage" but
will hold off filling up until I'm closer to 1/4 tank or so.

Mike in NB
he motion of the wiper itself.  At least if I
> know how to get
> voltage to it, I can troubleshoot the wiring and the motion,
> etc.
> ...I assume the squirter came on with a push toward your
> windscreen of the screen wiper lever?.. Well the push should
> have moved the wiper too. A long push  gives say 3 wipes and
> a squirt then intermittant; and a short push just gets the
> intermittant wipe and no squirt. A further push turns off
> (after a further wipe). GL models with headlight squirters
> operate with windscreen when main beam on. (A good way to
> soak someone standing in front of you {8OD}...
> Sorry if this seems like a lame question, but my Jetta never
> had a rear
> wiper; I have no owners manual, and the bl**dy thing doesn't
> wanna spin,
> LOL!
> OTOH, I installed a very old AM/FM cassette in it
> y'day -AND- ripped apart
> the defrost switch which was partly melted and got it in
> serviceable
> condition............so I'm not totally useless :-)
> ...So you didnt drop the small ball then ;o)...
> Miser
> Thanks guys !
> Clatter clatter,
> Mike in NB
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