[Vwdiesel] Wiring Voltage Gauge

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Feb 2 00:44:04 EST 2005

sorrentino2 at excite.com wrote:
>  I have a GTI voltage gauge that I'd like to install on my '83 Rabbit diesel w/ac. The gauge currently has a plastic connector with a brown and black wire attached; and a male spade, I guess for the light. What do I need to do to hook this up? Thanks!

Don't recall the specific terminals I used for mine, but I think one is the light, one is ground and the third is the voltage
input.  I tapped into the fuel cutoff solenoid on the injector pump for my voltage source.  It is switched with the "ignition"
and makes a good troubleshooting point if you have starting problems.


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