[Vwdiesel] Head treatment for economy

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This result matches the SAE papers on the subject.  
The general consensus of over 20 years of testing is that
TBC's only increase the longevity of the engine and do not 
increase the power.  

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> At first glance it looked very promising with their thermal
> barrier coatings but on closer inspection their graphs of
> power improvement don't look very spectacular at all; in
> fact the one graph actually shows power losses for all rpms
> except @4000 and 8000rpm which is not exactly diesel
> operating regions.
>   I used this stuff on mine and Dad's pistons.  It was in Dad's 
> old head's chambers.  Interestingly this one runs better.  
> Doubt it made the difference.  
>   I did a little "test" with the stuff on a piston.  You know how 
> a small propane torch will make metal wet with condensation 
> and then it flashes off as it heats up?  I took a coated piston up 
> to the shop after it'd been sitting in the house.  Weather was cold 
> so it was below room temp burt not cold nor warm to speak of.  
> I fired up the Bernz-o-matic and pointed it on the piston top.  It 
> made a pencil sized spot of dry with condensation around it after 
> a few seconds.  I kept at it and managed to make the dry spot 
> about twice as big but couldn't get it to flash off.  In fact, when I 
> finally quit, I'd managed to fill the depressions in the piston with 
> water and still couldn't get much to flash off!  It indeed either 
> reflects or disperses the hot spots!  I believe the CBC-2 is 
> supposed to reflect.  
>   I'd have done the new combustion chambers but I wanted to get it 
> together and also didn't want to mask off the new head and load it 
> up in the little blast cabinet plus pop and reinstall the prechamber 
> inserts.
>      Loren
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