[Vwdiesel] Hello! New Guy Intro

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 11:19:53 EST 2005

Hey all-

I've got an '86 Cabriolet that I converted to diesel
power this summer.  I enjoy driving it very much,
though I'm looking forward to a head gasket
replacement.  (last part said sarcastically...)

You all can look forward to a few questions in the
near future about that.

I've been on the Audi-VW-Diesel yahoogroup list for a
year or so, but was referred to this list by Bryant
Baecht yesterday so I guessed I'd better join here

I've also got a '90 Corrado and a '78 Westy Bus, as
well as a '94 Passat I'm working on to sell.

I'm in Manhattan Kansas, where I work in Admissions
for Manhattan Christian College (where I graduated
from last May) and as a school bus driver for the
local district.



David Cook
Red '86 Cabriolet Diesel Powered
Red '90 g60 Corrado 
Brown and White '78 Westy Campmobile "Bear"
and others in various states of disrepair
Pictures here: community.webshots.com/user/superdave5599

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