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When you say cleaning the bolt holes are you running a tap or new bolt 
through clear any deposits
that have built up. btw that was quite an approach to removing the broken 
stud. Which source of bolts seem to be preferred by most here.
To all i'm looking for a  donor rabbi for a pet project (no pun intended), 
td would be nice yet a NA, decent runner would suffice

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I used an old stretch bolt & cut a slit up one side with a hacksaw to capture the swarf (sort of a home made chaser). Clean up the threads on the bolt before running down into block. Then compressed air through a long nipple to reach the bottom of the hole. One bolt hole is oil feed to the dead so be careful with that one; usually lots of crud in the bottom. I get new stretch bolts from dealer. At $2US each that seems reasonable. Sorry I can't help with a donor. They are very desirable around here because fuel prices are pretty high. I heard there is an '81 N/A Rabbit that some kids took up a mountain and abandoned 2 years ago. Just folklore probably, like gators in the sewers. Still would bear looking into.
Take care.

Bob in NY

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